Local4Action HUBs - Local Experiences Transforming Global Policies

An opportunity to showcase and synchronize local practices and initiatives

on sustainability in an international platform facilitated by UCLG


Local4Action HUBs spring from the UCLG “LOCAL4ACTION HUB” concept:

a networking, temporary space held within UCLG meetings aimed at showcasing and promoting the #LocalizingSDGs agenda.


We are currently working on sending out a call for proposals that will give members, local and regional governments and their associations,

the opportunity to show directly how their own practices and approaches are not only making a key contribution to this implementation programme,

but are also proposing new commitments, relevant innovations and emerging approaches in relation to a wider set of thematic areas and priorities.


Local4Action HUBs are the concept devised by UCLG to make this goal possible:

a series of locally or regionally-led processes developed in a given period of time (from 1 to 3 years) held under the umbrella of the UCLG brand.

HUBs initiatives might build on an already existing local practice, discussion process or networking initiative, or propose a new one– always

provided that they are able to develop actionable and scalable results, are well communicated and are connected to the thematic priorities of

sustainable development agendas or the political manifestos developed after the 2019 UCLG World Congress.


Three key concepts should underpin all Local4Action HUBs

   Their local-global connection                     

   Their willingness to accelerate the localization of the global agendas           

   Their willingness to synchronize between each other as well as within UCLG discussions


[ Know more about the methodology and vision here - Check out the FLYER


As an international platform, HUBs represent a great opportunity for local and regional leaders to showcase those initiatives developed in their city

or region they feel proud about – because they define where they come from or they show a commitment, their willingness to innovate or the dynamism

of local stakeholders and the urban fabric.

Soon more information!