Join the UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities

Intermediary cities hold unique opportunities and solutions to address global challenges and are fundamental for accelerating efforts around international agreements, especially the localization of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Rethinking intermediary cities to #ThinkEurope

In addition to mayors and elected representatives from the cities of Soria, Madrid, Avilés, Santander, Seville, A Coruña, Murcia, Aranjuez, Terrassa, Nigrán, Granollers, Palencia, Trujillo, Benavites, and Legazpi and the presence of the Provincial Governments of Soria, Cordoba and Barcelona met i

In Soria, Spanish and Moroccan Governments meet at the initiative of mayors to address the future of Intermediary Cities

In this regard, Minister of Territorial Policies and Public Service Meritxell Batet from the Spanish Government, and Minister of Territorial Planning Abdelahad Fassi Fihri from the Moroccan Government discussed cooperation between countries at a bilateral meeting

Regions lead the localization of the 2030 Agenda for the territorialization of the SDGs

The event was introduced by Pablo Farías, Minister of the Santa Fe Provincial Government, representing the Presidency of the UCLG Forum of Regions, who underlined the “centrality of the 2030 Agenda as a challenge for humanity” and highlighted the role of both regions and

Intermediary cities meet at their 1st World Forum to set priorities and define new commitments towards sustainable development

More than 250 participants from 40 different countries - with the presence of the Head of the Moroccan Government, Saâdeddine El Othmani, and the Ministers of Interior and National Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy - gathered in a forum that facilitated a

Intermediary Cities adopt the Chefchaouen Declaration-Charter of the Intermediary Cities of the World

In this framework, the UCLG Forum on Intermediary Cities, consolidated as a consultation and policy development process, has adopted the Declaration-Charter of the Intermediary Cities of the World at the first UCLG World Forum

The programme of the 1st World Forum of Intermediary Cities in Chefchaouen at a glance

From 5-7 July, mayors, local and regional leaders, experts, senior government officials and representatives of international organisations from around the world will gather in Chefchaouen for a global forum to discuss and demonstrate how intermediary cities can promote sustainable development at

Imagining together a more sustainable urban future in the 1st UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities

Intermediary cities represent one-third of the world's urban population, around 1.4 million inhabitants, and these cities are territories with a high level of multidimensional interaction with the rural world, therefore any public policy carried out in an intermediary city will have an impact on

In the frame of the organization of the World Forum on Intermediary Cities, a global consultation was held to listen and monitor the implementation of the Global Agendas in the Intermedairy Cities. A session has been organized during the South Asian Summit dedica


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