PLATFORMA and UCLG celebrated the launch of Module 4: SDGs and Decentralised Cooperation

During the launch event, Marlène Siméon, director of PLATFORMA, gave a warm welcome to attendees from over 60 countries – a truly global network!

Resilience Training of Trainers (ToT) goes virtual with new interactive tools

Sharing new tool with learning forum– regional section trainers

UCLG launches its first Massive and Open Online Course about the LLE #BeyondTheOutbreak

The course, organized as a self e-learning format, will focus on eight specific thematic areas such as housing, mobility, digital technologies, migration, culture, local finance, public services and gender.

Ensuring income and investment in local service provision is critical for global recovery

The Live Learning Session that took place on April 23, 2020 organized in collaboration Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV) and UNCDF, provided an opportunity to foster exchanges among local and regional governments and key partners such as the Frenc

UCLG and CIB support local and regional governments in the preparation of their VNR contributions!

UCLG’s preparations for the HLPF 2020

Local and regional leaders showcase the value of public services to respond to the COVID-19 crisis

Webinar: Local and regional governments in the SDG reporting process – Towards the HLPF 2020

The aim of the webinar series is to increase the awareness for the involvement of the local and regional level when reporting on the SDGs and to demonstrate concrete steps how local and regional governments and their associations can take part in the reporting process.

Acting Now on Climate Resilience – Launch of Peer Learning Note 26

Climate change, and its visible effects, such as extreme meteorological events, torrential rains, stronger tropical storms, long droughts and heat waves, raise important challenges for cities all around the world.

Co-creating Resilient Cities and Territories in Central America and the Caribbean

At the opening, Johnny Araya, Mayor of San Jose and UCLG co-president, welcomed the 35 participants from Honduras, Belize, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Costa Rica to the 3-day learning exchange.

Decentralized cooperation needs to become a strength of the movement for the localization of the SDGs– UCLG gathers partnerships for an SDG Module 4

During the meeting of the Platforma Autumn Steering Committee, which took place in Brussels from 16 -18 of September, Platforma members had the opportunity to review the results of their activities and engage with the European Commission and other technicians, as well as


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