Rethinking intermediary cities to #ThinkEurope
Intermediary Cities - 24/01/2019
Responding to the challenges facing Europe through territorial cohesion, and the key role of intermediary cities in achieving this cohesion were the main themes throughout the three days of the "Think Europe: Commitment 2030" summit held in Soria, which presented an opportunity to reflect on the necessary cooperation between spheres of government at European level to achieve territorial cohesion. (+)
UCLG and UNICEF meet to strengthen future collaboration
partnership, Youth - 22/01/2019
A delegation of UNICEF visited UCLG World Secretariat in Barcelona on January 14-15, 2019, to discuss a strategic partnership based on the principle of leaving no child, nowhere, behind. With the participation of Metropolis, the UCLG Commissions of Social inclusion, Participatory democracy and Human rights (CISDP) and of Culture 21, and the Educating Cities network, the organizations exchanged about local governments’ role in protecting the rights of children, and in particular the ones on the move. The partnership should support local governments in the development of child-sensitive policies, youth and children participation in local decision-making, and the improvement of local data to identify children’s needs. It should further highlight the role of local and regional governments in sustainable development and child friendly policy making. (+)
SUM Bilbao 2019: Moving the cities of the XXI century
Urban mobility - 22/01/2019
On 20-21 February, the city of Bilbao will host the international conference SUM Bilbao 2019, under the slogan: Moving the cities of the 21st century. This event was created with the aim of leading a global reflection on the future of mobility and its impact on the achievement of Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) in our cities. (+)
Learning on Localizing: Our new Learning Module 2 “Territorial Planning to achieve the SDGs” is available now!
UCLG Learning Agenda - 21/01/2019
It has been two years since UCLG started work based on the “Training of Trainers” (ToT) approach to SDG localization. Through the ToT approach, territorial realities are put at the centre of the debate when discussing the localization of the SDGs. This process has enabled UCLG to gather local knowledge and raise awareness on the relevant role of local and regional governments, and their associations, in order to achieve the 2030 Agenda. The different outcomes of this process have nurtured UCLG advocacy efforts to further adapt the Global Agendas to local and regional realities and actions.  (+)
MC2CM project launches a call for targeted city actions in the Mediterranean region
Migration, mc2cm - 21/01/2019
Last week the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration Project (MC2CM) lead by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development  (ICMPD), UCLG and UN Habitat launched a “Call for Targeted City Actions”. The objective of the call is to award those actions that contribute to foster rights-based urban migration governance systems and advance social cohesion in the Mediterranean region. Deadline for submission is 27 March 2019. (+)
Cities and local governments lead the actions on the role of culture in sustainable development
Since the founding Congress of Paris, culture has been at the heart of UCLG’s policy agenda. That is why, following the success of the first and second UCLG Culture Summits, and considering the growing importance of culture in the framework of sustainable cities, the Executive Bureau of UCLG decided to convene a third UCLG Culture Summit in 2019. As the call for candidacies to host the 3rd edition of this Summit ended, the World Council of UCLG decided in Hangzhou (China) in December 2017 that the host city would be the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Argentina). (+)