- 06/03/2020
Due to the measures that have been proposed by the World Health Organization and the United Nations in relation to international travel and meetings in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19, and in order to contribute to international efforts to contain the virus; the UCLG World Secretariat joins other international organizations in canceling all professional missions abroad for members of the team until the end of the month of March, when the situation will be reevaluated. (+)
Call for respect of human rights and all lives
- 04/03/2020
"We local and regional governments have to unite against hate speech and violence. In cities we respect human rights and we foster peace". Mohamed Boudra, Mayor of Alhoceima, President of AMPCC and President of UCLG  "Cities want the lives of all people to be protected, without distinction. We want to help the United Nations fulfil its mandate and we offer to help achieve these goals". Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and UCLG Special Envoy to the United Nations  (+)
Scaling Down of CSW 64 & cancellation of UCLG ́s delegation
genderequality - 04/03/2020
The UN member States have decided to hold a one day scaled down session of CSW 64 on 9 March with only the participation of New York-based delegations due to the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).  In the face of said news, UCLG wholly reiterates our... (+)
- 01/02/2020
The first formal meeting of the recently elected Presidency – elected during the UCLG World Congress in Durban - was held over a two-day period at the UCLG World Secretariat in the heart of Barcelona. Local representatives from across the globe converged to discuss their visions, dreams, and plans of action for the World Organization during their tenure 2019-2022. This meeting was particularly relevant as it coincides with the beginning of the implementation decade, and seeks to consolidate our collective action and share objectives to bring the municipal movement to the next frontier. (+)
Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers: Looking for multilateral solutions for the future of our planet at WUF 10
WUF, Culture, multigovernance - 19/02/2020
The Local and Regional Governments Roundtable that took place in WUF 10 was a powerful moment for our movement, allowing for direct exchanges among mayors, ministers, and other high-level representatives of national governments as a way to advance the conversation around multilateralism. (+)
WUF10_Declared Actions
- 16/02/2020
The Tenth World Urban Forum (WUF 10), focused on the theme ‘Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation,’ and called for united action to ensure a better future for cities and towns.  The outcome, known as the Abu Dhabi Declared Actions, includes... (+)