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Lancement de l’opération « Plaidoyer de jeunes pour un  Monde d’Après »
- 27/07/2020
Jeudi 16 juillet, les élus du Département de l’Aude(France), des Régions des hauts bassins, du centre, des villes de Bobo-Dioulasso et Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), de la Ville de Sousse (Tunisie), ont lancé officiellement une démarche participative visant à formuler un « plaidoyer  de jeunes pour un monde d’après ». L’enjeu, dans le contexte de la crise de la COVID-19, est de permettre l’expression conjointe de jeunes français, burkinabés et tunisiens sur leurs visions du monde, leurs aspirations, leurs volontés d’agir et leurs attentes quant à l’évolution des politiques publiques qui les concernent. (+)
Urban migration at the time of COVID 19: Cities as labs for more inclusive societies
Migration - 04/06/2020
Cities are on the frontline to fight the battle against COVID-19, and many of them are making a significant effort to do it in an inclusive way. Providing care to all citizens, especially to the most vulnerable, is what is at stake today. The input of cities has proven to be crucial in ensuring... (+)
City-to-city cooperation:  Answers at a local level to covid-19
crisis management - 30/04/2020
By Nahuel Oddone, Nahuel Alvaredo. Cities are a key line of action against COVID-19. They face the challenge of mitigating its spread in urban areas that, due to their own configuration, are the main focus of infection. Containment is not the only challenge, since they cannot lose sight of the economic effects of preventive measures or the need to guarantee an orderly functioning of services. (+)
Pedro Strukelj
By Emilia Saiz, Secretary General of UCLG. It is important for the local administration to set itself up as a bastion of the aspirations of the communities, and for it to be the sentinel of the citizens' dreams. The future well-being of citizens depends on the development that is... (+)
The role of national associations of Municipalities in the transformation of the Brazilian Federation
local governments - 25/06/2019
By Glademir, Aroldi, President of the National Confederation of Municipalities of Brazil (CNM) and Vice President of FLACMA. The current moment in Brazil of a new elected government and political and economic debates brings to the forefront the importance of the national municipalist movement in the transformation of the Federation. My association, the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), the largest municipal representation body in Latin America, acts to guarantee the autonomy of local governments and strengthen municipal management. Over 39 years, the entity has made progress in the priority agenda and led the debate on the regulation of the federal pact. (+)
Local solutions for global Sustainable Development Goals
local governments - 30/04/2019
Our members have a fundamental role in ensuring that Sweden contributes to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Two out of three SDGs require action at the local and regional level in order to be reached. (+)