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Local Governance - 07/12/2014
Local and regional governments have progressively become more active in the European arena. The evolution of mechanisms used by cities and towns illustrates the complexity of the international relations of local and regional governments. (+)
Josep Roig, UCLG Secretary General
The international community has declared October 2014 the “urban” month; 31 days of reflection on the challenges, opportunities and future of urban issues – issues of vital importance to create a sustainable future in an increasingly urbanizing world. UCLG has decided to make the most of this urban month to influence the inclusion of an urban development goal (#urbanSDG) in the new development agenda. (+)
Greg Clark
I am delighted that Wiley Blackwell will publish my book about London’s last 25 years in December 2014. Cities are a compelling phenomenon of the current era. The age of globalisation is also an age of globalising cities but the science of cities is only slowly emerging; there is limited understanding of how and why some cities succeed and others fail. (+)
Guangzhou Award for urban innovation
Urban innovation - 23/10/2014
Can an award system for distinctive city innovations go beyond capturing headlines for winners? Can it develop into an ongoing system of learning for cities around the world, inspiring new ways for them to deal with tough social, economic and environmental challenges? (+)
Cities Diplomacy Series
- 07/10/2014
In the following post, Pablo Chillón shares the results of his recent investigations into the attributes and characteristics of the lobby strategies developed by cities and the goals of city advocacy, as well as the extent of and insights into the global performance of true urban diplomacy by cities. (+)
World Cities Day
For the first time ever, the United Nations has declared 31 October ''World Cities Day'', recognising and highlighting the critical role that cities and smart urban planning have to play in sustainable development. To coincide with World Cities Day, UN Habitat and the Guardian also put out a call for the best existing urban ideas. (+)