15 finalists for 2nd Guangzhou Award announced

Guangzhou Awards

The Organizing Committee of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation (Guangzhou Award) released the names of the 15 shortlisted initiatives for the 2nd edition of the Award at a press conference on 28 September.

The Award’s Technical Committee gathered in Guangzhou between 25 and 27 September, to select outstanding and deserving initiatives from the 259 submissions received for the 2nd Guangzhou Award. Following three days of intensive discussions, the Technical Committee identified 45 deserving initiatives, 15 of which were further chosen to make up the final shortlist of entries, based on their ability to enhance the implementation of sustainable urban development through inspiration and knowledge sharing.

The Technical Committee also took into consideration the main goal of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation in considering their finalists, which is to reward innovations in improving social, economic and environmental sustainability in cities and local governments worldwide. Following this, the Committee strived to highlight exemplary models of innovative policies and practices and to motivate cities and local authorities to further promote innovation and improve urban governance.

The 15 shortlisted cities will present their initiatives during the Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Conference, to be held on 27-29 November in conjunction with the China International Friendship Cities Conference, as well as answer questions during the Urban Innovation Seminar on 27 November. The Jury will be embedded in the audience, making their final decision as to the 5 winners after reading the submissions from the 15 finalists and hearing their presentations. 

The 15 cities that made the shortlist are: Abu Dhabi, Antioquia, Boston, Bristol, Buenos Aires, Christchurch, Dakar, Eskisehir, Gwangju, Hamburg, Hangzhou, Jakarta, Linköping, Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro.

Co-hosted by UCLG, Metropolis, and the Guangzhou Municipal Government, the Guangzhou Award aims to reward innovations that will improve the socio-economic environments in cities and regions, promote sustainability, and hence advance the livelihood of their citizens. Presented biennially, the award encourages and recognizes outstanding and innovative projects and practices in the public sector.

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Source: www.guangzhouaward.org

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