How cities and digital influencers are paving the way for a global agenda on urban matters

Cities Diplomacy Series

Source: Urban 360o

In the following post, Pablo Chillón shares the results of his recent investigations into the attributes and characteristics of the lobby strategies developed by cities and the goals of city advocacy, as well as the extent of and insights into the global performance of true urban diplomacy by cities.

He analyses how the mix of influence, reputation and the collective efforts of mayors, advisors, private companies and individuals are contributing to the creation of an international urban agenda and a new framework for global governance, in which cities have a principal role.

Urban issues in the global agenda of governance and soft-influence is the first of the Cities Diplomacy Series, published in August 2014 on URBAN 360o, the blog edited by Pablo Sánchez Chillón. Pablo is Co-founder of Eolexcitylab, an urban innovation lab based in Alicante (Spain).

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Cities Diplomacy Series