New Metropolis Initiatives: 15 extra days to apply!

New Metropolis Initiatives

The deadline  for Metropolis members and partners to apply for the new Metropolis Initiatives has just been extended. So, if your city or organization runs projects and/or provides services in matters concerning Governance, Urban economy, Urban Innovation, Sustainability or Social Inclusion, do not miss the last opportunity to apply until Thursday, May 15, 2014.

To submit your application to lead a Metropolis Initiative starting in 2015, please fill out the Metropolis Initiatives form, and send it back to the Metropolis Secretariat General. Applications will be evaluated by a jury comprising internationally renowned experts and academics. The final selection of the new Metropolis Initiatives will be disclosed on October 10, after the Metropolis Board of Directors Meeting at the 11th Metropolis World Congress in Hyderabad.

For further guidance about Metropolis Initiatives and how to apply, please click here.