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- 08/03/2011
On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, United Cities and Local Governments celebrates the fact that women in decision making are key in creating local policies with a true gender equality perspective. They are the champions of local services that try to give equal access to men and... (+)
- 04/03/2011
Deadline for applications: 11 March 2011   Building on the Global Reports on Decentralization and Local Democracy (GOLD I and II), the UCLG World Secretariat, jointly with ASPAC, FLACMA and UCLG Africa and in partnership with EALGA, and the Local Governments Associations of West Africa, is... (+)
- 03/03/2011
The second Euro-Arab Cities Forum, held in Malaga (Spain) the 25th and 26th February 2011, gathered approximately 200 representatives of European and Arabic cities. The Forum, entitled "Experiences of Cooperation and Prospects for Facing Common Challenges", focused mainly on governance, sustainable city... (+)
- 10/02/2011
The UCLG President and Mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbas, addressed Wednesday a UN General Assembly session on disaster risk reduction as part of his visit to New York. Speaking at the session, the UCLG President said living spaces like cities should be planned properly, adding that natural... (+)
- 09/02/2011
The Executive Summary of the 2nd Global Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy (GOLD) is now online. It analyzes the architecture of fiscal decentralization in one hundred and ten countries as well as in metropolitan areas. In the majority of these countries, local authorities are taking on more... (+)
- 31/01/2011
Members of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) met for a plenary session in Agadir (Morocco) on 29 January where the local and regional leaders of the Mediterranean adopted three major reports on local management on water, urban development and the territorial dimension of the... (+)