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- 29/11/2010
After three days of intense debates and exchanges during the World Summit of Local and Regional leaders that was held in Mexico from 17th to the 20th November 2010, the members of United Cities and Local Governments and their partners have sent a strong signal to the international community by signing a... (+)
- 08/10/2010
United Cities and Local Governments has decided to perform a survey which is aimed at identifying the views on decentralization worldwide. In order to understand recent changes this survey is being conducted among mayors, councilors, local government practitioners and civil society. This survey is... (+)
- 08/10/2010
The 3rd Congress of United Cities and Local Governments and first Local and Regional Leaders World Summit will be held in Mexico City from 16 to 21 November 2010. Many Mayors, Presidents of regions, local and regional officials and partners of local and regional authorities are expected at the Summit.... (+)
- 27/09/2010
United Cities and Local Governments continues its efforts to actively contribute to awareness raising and mobilization of its members for disaster prevention. During its Istanbul World Council in November 2008, UCLG adopted a position paper in which the members committed to integrate risk assessment... (+)
- 22/09/2010
Several sections of UCLG have informed of their impossibility to meet the deadline of 30 September for submitting their nominations to the Governing Bodies of UCLG, due to the organization of their respective regional meetings. The Committee on Statutory Affairs of UCLG has thus decided to postpone the... (+)
- 15/09/2010
The III World Congress of United Cities and Local Governments will take place in Mexico City (16-20 November 2010)  in conjunction with the Local and Regional Leaders World Summit. At this occasion are called the General Assembly and the World Council of UCLG. The General Assembly comprises all... (+)