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Gender Equality - 17/03/2021
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, UCLG is proud to announce a series of materials and activities that will take place during this exciting month for the equality agenda. (+)
Pathways to step up the Strategy on Localising Financing addressed at UCLG's Annual Retreat
The UCLG Annual Retreat & Campus was a timely opportunity to assess the progress and challenges of the implementation of our ‘Strategy on Localising Financing for Sustainable Urbanisation and Territorial Development’, three years after its adoption by the UCLG Executive Bureau. A breakout session brought together key representatives of UCLG sections, members and partners on Wednesday 17th February to discuss the renewal of the Strategy and how to give it fresh impetus for greater impact. (+)
Image 1: Cover of the four learning modules on Localizing the SDGs: 1) Introduction, 2) Planning, 3) Reporting, and 4) Decentralized Cooperation.
Thursday 25th February marked an auspicious occasion for PLATFORMA and UCLG: the much-anticipated launch of Module 4: Localizing the SDGs through Decentralized Cooperation (DC). This will be a key, interactive learning tool for the training of trainers, proposing an integrated approach to DC in line with SDG targets and thus supporting practitioners to be active and effective partners. (+)
- 26/02/2021
Over a year since the first cases of COVID-19 were identified, we are starting to see possible ways out of the pandemic due to an unprecedented effort by all stakeholders, in particular the scientific sector, to deliver vaccines all over the world. (+)
Three different zoom windows displaying: 1) UCLG Secretary General 2) UCLG President 3) UCLG Presidency hand waving goodbye
- 25/02/2021
The first meeting of the UCLG Presidency for the year 2021 took place in the framework of our Annual Retreat: A global community that cares. An exercise of open windows and open minds that brought the engines of the network together with participants from over 70 countries, coming from 210 cities, more than 60 Associations, and over 620 participants throughout the week. (+)
Zoom participants watching a shared screen with a graphic on the systemic perspective of resilience.
- 24/02/2021
After a year since the Peer Learning on Resilience with associations in Central America and the Caribbean, the UCLG Learning team carried out the first Training of Trainers in Spanish based on the new resilience module. This module reflects a long process of collaboration with UCLG Associations and partners, building on practices, knowledge and experiences from across the network. This time, members of FLACMA (Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Associations, for its acronym in Spanish) interested in training on resilience strategies participated from Chile (AChM), Costa Rica (UNGL), Bolivia (AMB), Colombia (FCM), Ecuador (AME), Peru (FEMULP), Mexico (FENAMM) and Spain (FEMP). (+)