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Localizing SDGs - 15/12/2020
Venice City Solutions 2030 is an annual event to advance and promote localization of the SDGs, identifying and sharing promising tools and practices of local and regional governments. This year, the event focused on Visualizing Agenda 2030 in the City, in consideration of how the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs provide the shared roadmap and vision for the future of cities and territories, particularly in face of pandemic crisis. (+)
A New Year´s message from the President of UCLG, Mohamed Boudra
New year - 31/12/2020
A New Year's message from Dr. Mohamed Boudra, President of UCLG, Mayor of Al Hoceima Dear members, partners, and friends Let me express my pleasure at sending you this message as President of our World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments. (+)
Towards migrant children and youth inclusive LRG COVID-19 response through #CitiesAreListening experiences
UNICEF, Childhood - 14/12/2020
The #CitiesAreListening mandate is to transcend from social distance to a world driven by communities. As a step to deliver the Pact for the Future that UCLG is developing, in partnership with communities, the #CitiesAreListening on “COVID-19 Response and Recovery for Migrant and Displaced Children and Youth” brought about the perspectives, the needs and the contributions of a community that is gradually becoming an integral part of local response and recovery efforts to COVID-19 impacts - young people on the move. (+)
Resilience Training of Trainers (ToT) goes virtual with new interactive tools
The UCLG’s Learning team held a 3-day workshop from 2-4 December to provide training for the facilitation of the Resilience Learning Module to its different sections. The workshop was carried out for representatives of UCLG- ASPAC, MEWA, Eurasia, Africa, Europe, CUF, and Metropolis. The virtual sessions covered the fundamentals of resilient governance and development through a hybrid methodology of lectures, interactive exercises and learning games. (+)
#CitiesAreListening Experience brings together all spheres of government and the international donor community to address the future of development cooperation in and after the COVID era.
The mandate that arises from the #CitiesAreListening experiences is to transcend from social distance to a world driven by communities.  (+)
 [flyer] Print screen of flyer of the campaign: Universal Accessibility: Pillar and Bridge in Human Rights and Sustainable Development" campaign.   It shows an accessible and inclusive city, with a balance of gender, age, ethnicity and types of disability, among others.
From the November 30th to December 4th, 2020 the United Nations held its 13th Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (COSP). (+)