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Housing - 31/12/2019
Our constituency lived a historical turning point last 15 and 16 July, when a group of major global cities brought to the UN a firm pledge for the Right to Housing in the form of the Declaration “Cities for Adequate Housing”. This global call to action builds on the #MakeTheShift campaign, launched by the UN Rapporteur on Adequate Housing.  (+)
Africities 2018: A Pact to cooperate on an African Charter for Local Equality
Gender, Gender Equality - 26/11/2018
On the occasion of the 8th Africities Summit, held from 20-24 November 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco and entitled “The Transition to Sustainable Cities and Territories, The Role of Local and Sub-National Governments of Africa”, African and European local elected women adopted the Africa-Europe Marrakech Pact to further collaborate on the elaboration of a charter for local gender equality in Africa. (+)
Africities 2018: Territorial governance, food security and transition
Food security - 26/11/2018
The 8th edition of the Africities Summit, which is held every 3 years, places the theme of transition at the heart of its programme: With 5000 participants, ranging from mayors, regional presidents, central administration officials, representatives of the economic, financial and cooperation world in Africa and NGOs.  (+)
Africities 2018: UCLG and UCLG Africa co-organize a Session on Localizing the SDGs in Africa
LocalizingSDGs, GOLD V - 26/11/2018
On 22 November, 2018, the UCLG World Secretariat and UCLG Africa hosted a Session dedicated to the Localization of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa (SOU 4). This session was held in the framework of the 8th Summit of Africities, which took place in Marrakech, from 20 to 24 November 2018. (+)
UCLG discusses about the implementation of the SDGs with the Youth network of the Assembly of European Regions
Forum of Regions - 21/11/2018
From 16 to 18 November, the Youth network of the Assembly of European Regions (AER - YRN) met in Cascais for a plenary session on the occasion of the European youth capital of Cascais. Under the theme "Glocal Youth", the participants discussed the local and global role of European youth, on topics such as "Democracy in the digital age" and "The role of youth in promoting the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda".  (+)
Brazilian Mayors visit Barcelona’s mobility, solid waste treatment and technology experiences
On the last November 12th, UCLG joined a group of Brazilian mayors and public officers that visited Barcelona, in a technical visits’ day organized annually by the National Front of Mayors of Brazil (FNP), member of UCLG, gathering the cities of Aracaju, Cariacica, Curitiba, Guarulhos, Jaguariúna, Joao Pessoa, Niterói, Palmas, Porto Velho, Ribeirao Preto, Salvador, Sao José dos Campos e Sorocaba. (+)