Hangzhou 2017 - World Council


The next meetings of the 2017 UCLG Executive Bureau and World Council will take place in Hangzhou City at the kind invitation of Mayor Xu Liyi, as approved by the last Executive meeting in Madrid at the end of 2017. The date, which will be some time in October or November, will be announced soon.

We want promote exchange and collaboration among cities and the international scene and to unite efforts to address common issues and challenges relating to city management." 

Xu Liyi, Mayor of Hangzhou

The World Council is the principal policy-making body of the World Organization. It decides the World Organization’s policies and ensures that general policies decided by the General Assembly are implemented. 

For more information do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the following email: UCLGExBu@uclg.org

See you soon in Hangzhou!