UCLG, UNDP and UN-Habitat co-organize a UNSSC webinar on SDG Localization

online webinar sdg localization

UCLG, in collaboration with UNDP and UN-Habitat, will co-organize a session of two webinars on the Localization of the SDGs, within the 4th Foundational Course on Agenda 2030 of the UN System Staff College’s Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development.

The webinars, which will take place on May 29 and June 1, 2017, will revolve around the localization process from an institutional and a practical point of view. The first webinar will introduce the concept of localization and put it into the context of the major global agendas (from the lessons learned in the implementation of the MDGs, to the Agenda 2030, the New Urban Agenda, and the Paris Climate Agreement). The webinar will also give the participants an opportunity to learn about the tools currently adopted to assist in and monitoring the localization process, such as the LocalizingtheSDGs.org Toolbox and the reporting process initiated by UCLG and GOLD, aiming at the production of a global report by 2019.

The second webinar will explore the more practical side of the localization process, and will host representative from national associations of local governments (Brazil’s CNM and the Netherlands’ VNG) for them to share with the participants their own concrete experiences when it comes to implementing the SDGs and the other agendas at the local level. Both webinars will be followed by Q&A rounds to foster a mutually fruitful conversation with local governments’ representatives, organizations, associations and civil society.

To enrol in the Foundational Course, please follow the instructions available here