Montevideo 2019- Executive Bureau

The 2019 UCLG Executive Bureau meetings will be held from 4 to 6 April in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
The formal session of the Executive Bureau will take place at the headquarters of Mercosur during one single day, on 6 April, at the kind invitation of the Mayor of Montevideo and Vice-President of Mercociudades, Daniel Martínez.
This is back to back with the UCLG Culture Summit, taking place in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from 3-5 April, and in conjunction with meetings of Metropolis, UCCI and Mercociudades.
In order to deepen links between the different parts of the Organization, the UCLG Policy Councils will take place in Buenos Aires.

Visit for further information about the UCLG Culture Summit.
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If you are interested in attending the Summit, please click on the following link to register.
Registrations to the Culture Summit and the Executive Bureau are independent processes, and that registering to one of the events does not automatically register you to the other.