Call for candidatures: Treasurer of United Cities and Local Governments

Launched in 2004, United Cities and Local Governments is the global advocate and representative of democratic local government, inheritor of a century-old movement. It has members in over 140 countries across the world, bringing together individual cities, regional governments and national local government associations in one united, global organization.

The Treasurer of United Cities and Local Governments is responsible for the oversight of the financial strategy, accounting and management of United Cities and Local Governments’ finances, and chairs its Financial Management Committee.

The Treasurer is a prominent figure in the Organization, with strong ties to the Presidency, and can fulfil a representation role.

The Treasurer is elected by the World Council of United Cities and Local Governments, which will meet on 15 November 2019 in Durban.

The World Council is the principal policymaking body of UCLG. It comprises 342 representatives that hold a political mandate and who are nominated through an electoral process facilitated through the Sections, with oversight of the Committee on Statutory Affairs. The World Council that will elect the Presidency will be appointed by the General Assembly on 14 November in Durban.

[See below the UCLG Conduct of Elections]


• Candidates must represent a paying Local Government Member of UCLG.
• The member represented by the candidate will be up to date with the payment of their membership fees.
• As part of the Presidency, the Treasurer shall hold a local electoral mandate; they must also be at the head of a) a local government or b) a national association of local governments. The Treasurer shall participate in the work and deliberations of the Presidency.
• In order to advance in gender balances, female participation is strongly encouraged.


Candidacies must include:

• Short biography
• Manifesto or motivation letter
• Statements of support from 6 different local government members from at least 3 different Sections

Candidacies for the Treasurer must be presented by 15 September 2019 and sent by email to:

Emilia Saiz
Secretary General
United Cities and Local Governments

Updates on the electoral process will be provided through the UCLG website:

Any questions concerning the above can be addressed to the Secretary General through the email above.

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