I had my say #UN75 #Listen2Cities!

UCLG calls  local and regional governments to join the #UN75 campaign building on the municipalist patrimony of our movement and ensuring that the thoughts of the communities reaches the global conversation. role of local and regional governments in the localization of the SDGs and New Urban Agenda

Local and Regional Governments #ShapingOurFuture

On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, the UN Secretary-General has launched a global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future. He considers this consultation a milestone to capture the views of the global public and stakeholders from all sectors on the future of multilateralism and its role in managing global trends, including climate change, changing demographics, new technologies and inequalities.

As part of its mandate to enhance the role of local governments in international policy making, and given that the local and regional government’s constituency will be at the heart of managing these challenges, UCLG has confirmed its commitment to promoting the UN75 initiative, by disseminating the online survey (http://un75.online) and increasing the number of people consulted and the diversity of those engaged.

Local and regional governments will need to take the lead in the future of multilateralism, in an inclusive global governance driven by solidarity and peace. Through the empowerment of our communities, and harnessing the power of co-production of our cities and territories, we will transition from the current international system to one in which local and regional governments are acknowledged as the spaces in which transformation takes place. 

The #UN75 campaign will last through the year 2020 and we hope local and regional governments will answer these questions building on the municipalist patrimony of our movement ensuring that the thoughts of the communities reaches the global conversation.

 This is how we do it!


On Twitter / Instagram / Facebook please post the following content:

●       Hashtags #Listen2Cities & #UN75

●       One of our proposals to improve the world in the next 25 years

●       The link to the survey https://un75.online

●       If possible: A general invitation to complete the survey to our community or a particular invitation to another entity or individual

●       We encourage you to take a picture of yourself with the campaign poster to publish it.


Local and Regional Governmens joined the conversation #UN75



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