Kocaeli is one of the Guangzhou Awards Winners.


Kocaeli has in the recent past suffered from a severe earthquake, which destroyed great parts of the city and region, killing some 18,000 people. As a result, the city decided it must plan, research and educate far better for the future. To this end, it established a new programme entitled “Prepare before it’s too late” which started in early 2012.

It combines two distinct but complementary strands in a single centre. The first is a comprehensive seismological monitoring facility through which data is collected and risks are analysed. The second is a broadbased citizen education component.



The Kocaeli plan includes seismological monitoring & broadbased citizen education components



One specific innovation is the way the programme coordinates the emergency management agencies, including NGOs, Universities, research centres, and local government agencies. The education component focuses particularly on children, with the use of theatre in primary schools as an imaginative way of raising the awareness of youngsters. Since January 2012 the initiative has reached more than 20,000 students, including 500 disabled children, and over 3,500 people have visited the centre. The innovative approach aims also to be a source of learningand replication by other municipalities and their partners, and has already led to interest from other cities.


Find here a more detailed explanation of the initiative 


Source: Guangzhou Award