Committees and Working Groups
Local Economic Development

The Working Group on Local Development aims to contribute to the development of proposals and initiatives for collaboration and cooperation between local governments and associations in order to enrich the debate within UCLG and to participate in the elaboration of UCLG policy and its implementation in the area defined by the Executive Bureau and within the framework of the Operative Programme up to 2016.

The focus of the actions of this Working Group is on local economic development as a public necessity, that is, as part of public policy in local and national government agendas. This view of development implies a territorial focus, based on endogenous resources and obeying environmental sustainability criteria. In turn, this view of local development must be constructed through public participation, it must strengthen decentralisation and it must involve an integrated vision of the territory, through participatory territorial planning. There is no doubt that this new view addresses the challenge of social inclusion and gender equality.

Local economic development is one of the pillars which are necessary in order to address more profoundly the processes of decentralisation and regionalisation. The working group has established a working method which requires:

  • ­   Progress in the construction of new views, through networking and strategies adapted to the global context, aiming at local, human, solidary, inclusive, sustainable development;
  • ­   Sharing experiences, tools and strategies for the application of a territorial focus in Local Development;
  • ­   Debate on the fundamental components and the great challenges facing future development strategies;
  • ­   Reflection on the need to articulate responses adapted to the global context emanating from the different territories and based on local realities;
  • ­   Recognition and sharing of weaknesses, agreement on the obstacles and the development of strategies that will allow us not only to transfer positive experiences but also to learn together from the errors and successes of the past in order to agree frameworks for common action that will serve as a reference point for Local Development.