Food Security

Since the beginning of the new mandate – January 2016 – the Association of French Regions has been a member of UCLG with a view to becoming actively involved in the international advocacy work of local and regional governments.

Given their history and number, Cities are of considerable importance in UCLG. But the fact is that the rise in importance of the regional area helps to develop sustainable and balanced public structural policies throughout the country, since human development cannot simply stop at urban areas.

For the different levels of local government, this is a time for territorial cooperation, and it has been established that urban development involves regional development. Cooperation between cities and regions will ensure the link and balance between the urban and rural world, which is essential for social cohesion, employment, the environment, people’s quality of life and the overall health of the territories which we govern.

At the UCLG World Assembly in Bogota in October 2016, the Association of French Regions, following four years of work on the topic of decentralized cooperation and food security, and as a follow-up to the Year of Family Farming, launched the community of practice on “Territorial governance, food security and nutrition transition”, with the UCLG World Forum of Regions.

The participants from the represented regions recalled the central importance that the food system must be given as part of regional development.