Resilience Training of Trainers (ToT) goes virtual with new interactive tools

Sharing new tool with learning forum– regional section trainers

UCLG Learning facilitates Resilience Workshop with African Territorial Managers and Trainers

The workshop was built around the first volume of the Resilience Learning Module, focusing on the potential integration of resilience principles int

UCLG participation at IX International conference of Eurasia World Heritage Cities in Bali

The OWHC, an international network that brings together local governments that have a heritage site inscribed on the UNESCO world Heritage List, represents a collective intelligence on all issues related to the urban management of world heritage property.

Barcelona Resilience Week: The smartest cities are the resilient ones

The Barcelona Resilience Week occurred in parallel to the Smart City Expo World Congress and showcased a wide range of initiatives and approaches to address urban challenges and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

Localizing resilient action key for the 2030 Agenda

Cities will therefore play a defining role in achieving many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and this is acknowledged in SDG11 for inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities.


UCLG supports a stand-alone urban goal: Join the awareness raising campaign

This initiative follows the Rabat World Congress Declaration call for a single and universal development agenda that should include a stand-alone goal on Sustainable Urbanization and the UCLG World Coun

Infographics to better understand local and regional governments’ concerns

As the celebration of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders and 4th UCLG Congress approaches and as the majority of local and regional elected representatives worldwide prepare to travel t

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