Participatory democracy

South-South cooperation in the field of participatory democracy

Representatives of local, regional and national governments, international organizations, associations, researchers, academics and civil society from twenty-five countries met in Canoas, Brazil, on the third, fourth and fifth of June for 14th

Rosario (Argentina) promotes social inclusion through urban agriculture

The Programa de Agricultura Urbana (PAU) implements the re-use of vacant urban land for agro-ecological farming on the part of marginalized sectors of local society, granting food security and alternative sources of income to the poor, while also providing public services such as the revi

UN Volunteers to start e-discussion on children & youngsters in Urban Areas

As part of UNV’s effort in the framework of the post-2015 process, UNV presents a concrete opportunity for civil society and youth in particular to speak up their voices.

Outcomes of 13th IOPD conference: citizenship for sustainability

On 3rd, 4th and 5th of July the 13th IOPD Conference, “Citizens for Sustainability”, was held in the Portuguese town of Cascais. The event, which was attended by some 400 participants from around twenty different countries, was chaired by the Mayor of Cascais, Mr.

The IOPD calls local governments to submit for distinction "Best practice in citizen participation"

The IOPD Distinction for Best Practice in Citizen Participation is an initiative to recognize those innovative experiences and ideas coordinated by local governments in the field of participative democracy.


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