UCLG is at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona!

Highlights of the programme

UCLG Regions supports the Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda

This way, the Provincial Council prioritizes the task of framing the SDGs in the different actions and projects carried out in its departments, starting with the project "

PSI and UCLG ask for better labour statistics for local and regional government workers worldwide

Territorialising the Development Agenda - Forum of UCLG Regions

This space for dialogue and learning will serve to raise awareness of the important articulation role that subnational governments have in order to ensure the real implementation of the SDGs in the different local realities of each city and region.

UCLG part of UNDP’s webinar series on SDG Localization around the world

The webinar was an opportunity for several international institutions and partners committed to the localization process and agenda to present the current outcomes, expectations and results of localization worldwide, with a specific focus on the African region and direct dialogue with UNDP countr

On September 25th will be the 3rd anniversary of the historic adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by joining forces and challenging national & local governments, institutions & organizations of all kinds, influencers & citizens in every corner of the world to take action for

OBS: a global website on culture, cities and SDGs

The OBS is a unique practical website in the world, it includes more than 120 good practices available in the 3 official languages of UCLG (English, French and Spanish), that describe cultural projects, programmes and policies implemented by cities and local gove


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