Urban Strategic Planning

Decentralized Cooperation in the South: an effective tool to promote development

UCLG, in partnership with academia, NGOs, development agencies and donors, are encouraging technical cooperation between cities and their associations in order to gain insights into ways to further support the professionalization of decentralized cooperation, particularly between cities i

The Committee on Digital Knowledge-based cities commits with the “City learning program” in Rabat

On October 1st, 2013 in Rabat we held the joint meeting between the Committees on Digital and Knowledge-based Cities and

UCLG agenda on intermediary cities: Open to contributions

During 2013, the UCLG Urban Strategic Planning Committee has organized and promoted the discussion amongst local leaders, practitioners, experts and development partners on planning and financing for the future of Intermediary Cities.

UCLG-CUSP highlights the importance of “Empowering I-cities”

The UCLG Committee on Urban Strategic Planning, joined by UN Habitat, ILO, the university and city of Lleida, published a new publication aiming to visualize the role of intermediary cities and their leaders in global development and globalization.

Decentralised cooperation between Mozambique and Brazil advances through technical exchange

The city of Nampula, in the North of Mozambique, opened its doors to Brazilian and Mozambicans technicians who met for a seminar to exchange experiences and challenges in the areas of urban and territorial planning, cadastre and financial management which took place between 26-28th


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