Urban Strategic Planning

South-south city cooperation: attracting more partners

Over the past few years, the dissemination of knowledge in a strategic manner among cities has fueled development partners such as Cities Alliance, UN Habitat, GIZ and universities and institutions, to become partners in a number of the activities conducted in the framework of the  UCLG p

The Committee on Urban Strategic Planning coordinates an international learning event on intermediary cities

Intermediary cities have an important role to play not only in planning the development of fast changing territories, but also in liaising with different government tiers, building powerful rural - urban relations and involving unequal stakeholders.

Metropolis Initiative on Metropolitan Governance: 2012 Activities outcomes and 2013 Objectives

In 2012, the Metropolis Initiative in Metropolitan Governance, lead by the State Government of São Paulo was launched with a first meeting where more than 20 partners from different cities presented the first data to perform the Comparative Study.


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