IBM promotes a session on smarter cities in Rabat 2013 World Summit

The parallel session of "Smarter Cities" will be linked to the general debate on Fostering Wellbeing that will be held on 3rd October as part of the 2013 World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders in Rabat. IBM will host the session as a partner of the leading organization of Local and Regional authorities worldwide, UCLG.

The issues under debate will clarify to what extent smart technologies contribute to fostering wellbeing in the city and its citizens. They will also address how smart cities can help increase prosperity for all citizens by using information to make more insightful decisions and anticipate and resolve problems proactively by coordinating resources to operate more effectively. 

Key questions will be presented as follows:

  • How do smart city projects meet the demands of citizens for better access to basic services and reduce inequalities?
  • How do smart city projects allow city leaders to better capitalize on existing infrastructure and better connect existing services?
  • Smart city projects are very much developed in the developed countries. How can smart cities address the challenges of low-income countries?