The Climate and Territories World Summit website is now online

The Climate and Territories World Summit

France will host the next International Conference on Climate Change "Paris Climate 2015" (COP21) from 30th November to 15th December 2015. The Rhône-Alpes Region will host the World Summit on Climate and Territories, which will take place on 1st and 2nd of July 2015.
The participation of Non-State Actors is one of the key reasons behind this COP's success. At the conference, states are expected to reach an agreement on a new, universal and legally binding climate regime to limit global temperature increases to 2°C.

Non-State Actors, Sub-national Governments and Local Authorities are key players

It is now widely acknowledged that Subnational Governments and Local Authorities carry out essential work on the ground to limit and effectively tackle climate change.

That's why the Rhône-Alpes Region accepted the invitation of sub-national government networks and Non-State Actors to host a World Summit on Climate and Territories.

The event will be a major milestone in the dialogue and collaboration in the run up to COP21 and the UN General Assembly next September in New York, where the Sustainable Development Goals will be approved.

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Source: The Rhône-Alpes Region