What future do Local and Regional Governments want? Take part in the online Summit debates

What future do Local and Regional Governments want

Only 78 days to go! As the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders approaches, UCLG is offering citizens all over the world the opportunity to participate in the central debates of this global event. To facilitate active citizen participation, we have created the Twitter hashtag #Rabat2013 to bring together all of the news, comments and contributions on the Summit’s theme, ‘Imagine Society, Build Democracy’.

Deciding the future for towns, cities and regions is a task for everyone. In this new initiative for the Summit, the key issues that will be addressed during the thematic round tables of the World Summit will be analysed, debated and expanded on before the event through social networks throughout September; the month leading up to the celebration of the event. Twitter will be the main channel and motor of these debates, which will be structured around the four topics of the thematic round tables.

How will the debates work?

To participate in the chat, follow @uclg_org on Twitter and use the #Rabat2013 and the hashtag for each of the themes: fostering wellbeing (#UCLGWellbeing), Strengthening solidarity among territories (#UCLG4dev), Supporting new local governance (#UCLGlocalgov) and promoting diversity (#UCLGdiversity).

Each debate will include contributions by an expert on the issue, who will also moderate the discussion and respond during the specific time slots allocated for each theme.

The chats are designed to attract the greatest number of participants possible, whether they are linked to the municipal movement or not. Contributions are welcome in any of the official languages of UCLG: English, French and Spanish.

In addition to the contributions of the experts, the inputs of online users will also be compiled and responded to by UCLG during a special week allocated to each of the themes. At the end of the month, when all four debates have been concluded, the top comments will be compiled and presented as contributions to the plenary sessions of the Summit in the city of Rabat from 1st to 4th October. A summary of online contributions will also be published on the UCLG blog.

Tweetchat Programme

  • 3 September, 4pm (GMT+1): Fostering wellbeing- In what way can local governments contribute to guaranteeing a dignified life for their citizens? #UCLGWellbeing
  • 10 September, 4pm (GMT+1): Strengthening solidarity among territories- How can development alliances be built between different spheres of government? #UCLG4dev
  • 17 September, 4pm (GMT+1): Supporting new local governance- What role can local authorities play to help alleviate social and economic crises? #UCLGlocalgov
  • 25 September, 4pm (GMT+1): Promoting diversity - How can diversity be promoted on all levels, through local and regional public policies? #UCLGdiversity

You can also follow these updates live via the UCLG Facebook page and the UCLG LinkedIn profile.

Start having your say today!